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ChibiOS 3.6rc7Heli firmware OmnnibusF4 Pro external compass cannot be calibrated

(zhangpeng) #1

@tridge @rmackay9
I followed the steps of the wiki and smoothly brushed the Ardupilot ChibiOS 3.6rc7 version of Heli firmware into the FC of OmnnibusF4 Pro V3. In the MP, follow the familiar steps to debug an antique-class traditional aileron helicopter. The previous steps went smoothly. It includes its own interface definition, Bec power supply, servo connection, receiver connection, accelerometer calibration, transmitter calibration, etc., including custom pwm6 for esc control interface. The ground unlocking and esc output control tests, as well as the servo motion test, looked very smooth and should be able to test flight quickly.

Then, I connected a GPS module with an external compass on Uart6 and prepared to calibrate the external compass according to the previous multiple use. However, on the progress page of the compass calibration, I found that there is no calibration compass on any attempt. Progress bar. No matter whether it is a compass 1, 2 or 3, it does not.

Enter the parameter list, you can see that the ID of the automatically recognized Compass 1 is 466433, but why can’t it be calibrated?

(zhangpeng) #2

(Marcin) #3

This board require external pull-up resistors to make i2c bus work correctly for example 2.2k.

(lulu) #4

same for me. With the first 3.6 beta release, compass calibration could perfectly be achieved but now it is impossible. Tried relaxing the calibration but no result.