Check BRD_TYPE Failed to update IO firmware pixhawk 2.4.8

I’ve been trying to update my firmware on pixhawk 2.4.8 it’s uploading but, on the board only Green light us popping up nothing else
When i try to force bootload it’s remaining the same
And there are no Beep sounds too
Safety switch isn’t also working

Can someone please help
Im sooo Frustrated

These are the pictures of my board and led

Good day,
Did you check brd type under your advanced parameters?
just in case you can flash your board downloading the px4fmuv3 and install it using the custom firmware on MP.
if this solution don’t work, just flash your fc with qgroundcontrol and install the px4fmuv3.px4 after this just reboot your fc while pressing the safety switch… fc must emit a sound tone.

Yes i did that and it was like Failed to communicate with IO abort And The Safety switch is not working

And NO BE and ACT lights glowing On the board

Did you try flash px4 firmware?

yes i did but no change if you dont mind can i contact you personally?? pleasee im working on a major project and i cant afford another pixhawk