Charged 12v to apm telemetry port, no telemetry connection

Did a 5v mod to my minimosd but while wiring connected 12v vtx to minimosd.
Now minimosd shows no data and video
Its ok i think i damaged my osd

But the real problem is now no telemetry connection happens (use esp01 mavbridge & bluetooth)
Is that my telemetry port is fried

Pl help

You’ll be lucky if the board isn’t fried, if you fed 12v into the uart. Have to plugged in USB to check?

Usb is ok. Also taken few flights with the board too.
But no telemetry with Bluetooth or esp module(power is coming to the telemetry modules but not connecting to pc or phone… earlier i had no issues)

.pl suggest something.

Test! Check what’s coming in and out of the serial port.
But if you put 12V down it, don’t be hopeful.

How to use usb port for wifi telemetry

It’s not a USB host.

I meant to say that can we use some uart0 uart2 side pins to check.

Yes, you can do that.

In auto mux uart pads if i change to uart2 then will uart2 send mavlink data to telemetry port

Checked my board it doesn’t have any uart side pins as in pic. Only option is uart solder pads.

Can u spell out the Steps required to do the mod

No, sorry. YouTube perhaps?