Channel 8 missing?

When I received my Iris I noticed that channel 8 was not mapped to a switch, so I went into the Frsky menus and mapped it to rudder so I can use it. Was there any reason that this was not configured at the factory? I wanted to add options for Simple Mode and Land Mode.

It is just not needed so it was not configured. Might be good fur us to add though.

I had the same question. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks. The four that modes that I wanted to try were Simple, SuperSimple, Land, and Flip (if you can actually run Flip on the Iris), so I can definitely fill up two :slight_smile:

I also added Ch8 for SimpleMode.

Here are the instructions that I followed for everyone who wants to try it as well: … iris-quad/

They are not my instructions. Just something I stumbled over with the help of Google.
Nevertheless I hope they are also useful for others.

Funny I didn’t know Bill had made that post. Thanks for letting me know.