Channel 5 thru 8 on the Arduplane 2.5

Hi guys; I have a Arduplane 2.5 with the latest firmware loaded. However I am flying a X8 with a Futaba T14SG. I have coupled the elevators and ailerons and use two servos to achieve my mix. This gives me channel 1 and channel 6 for the mix. Channel 1 is connected to my left aileron and channel 6 is connected to my right aileron. However when I plug in my Arduplane I can not pass information from my RX through the Arduplane for channel 6. Channels 1 through 4 work just like they are supposed to function. I am running a separate 2S LIPO on channel 7 for power output on the Arduplane. Thus powers the two Elevons. I also noted that Channel 5 on the output of the Arduplane does not function. only 1-4 will pass correctly. Am I missing something here? I have gone thru the setup instructions that was downloaded from the forum.

Did you set up CH6 as instructed in the wiki here

Hi Nathaniel, Thank you for taking time to help me in making this function properly… I did both but cannot get my channel to pass from my receiver on channel 6. I have a Futaba T14SG and I have the mixing done by the 14SG. This using channel 1 as the left wing aileron and channel 6 as the right aileron. This is where I cannot get the the channel to pass through. I am able to obtain ch1 thru 4 to pass but not 5 thru 8. However I am using channel 8 as my flight mode switch channel. Going back to my manual (couple years old) I read that APM could do the mixing. Now I am trying to find out how to accomplish this task… Any thoughts… Jim WU5C

Hi Nathaniel, I got it all working, thanks to your help and according to the Arduplane Manual, It was easy as I went into the hardware section of my T14SG and reversed the Elevator servo and then I assigned channel 6 to channel 2, you have to go into the system menu on the Futaba to reverse the servo throw, else it will not function properly if you go to the link menu and then to servo reverse. If you do that then the split for elevons will not function properly. With that resolved, all is right with the world. I have my flight modes programed and now all I have to do is finish the flying platform to test this out. My test plane is from Hobbyking, the Discovery. Installing the electronics at present time and have a couple of photos for you. Don’t know how long you have been in radio but I contested with the E-K Red Brick. And later with Kraft and E-K. Oh BTW I did find that in the Advance Parms I am able to make channel 5 thru channel 8 pass thru. But channel 8 is used for the flight modes. Right now I have left them set to default. [attachment=0]IMG_1463.JPG[/attachment]