Channal 6 and 7

First off you will have to excuse me as this is pretty much all greek to me. And the more I read the more I get confused!. I’m thinking about just through this whole thing in the garbage and haveing a beer!! lol… So I know channel 6 is for the gimbal. But what is channel 7 for? Is it a “open” to add a different flight mode. I would like to add simple or super simple. How would I go about adding that flight mode? And why is flight mode 1 and 4 both go to stabilize mode. In the flight mode page showing the six flight modes is shows simple and super simple with a check box. Exactly what happens if I was to check the box along side lets say the altitude hold mode? Would that mode now become a simple mode incase i lost origination of the craft?
Told ya I was confused. And i bet i just confuse you too!!! lol
Any help would be appreciated.

You can make any of the modes simple or super simple by checking in in MP. Right now I have most of mine on simple now… I still get orientation confused even with a bunch of time with my blade mqx and nano.

For what I want to do simple and modes like circle will do me for now…

Remember simple uses compass but SS need GPS.

Thank you, that helps, I appreciate the reply.