Changing securtiy (Auth) type to WPA2?


Our drone is using a RPI3+ with APSync. The AP gets created and i can connect to it and open the configurations page @ . Everything is working fine so far.

Changing the Auth Type there to any option does not work. It always stays WPA. I also tried to change it via command line an nmcli but there i just can use wpa-psk for the key-mgmt.

My goal is to connect a Tello EDU drone to the AP from my bigger drone. The bigger drone should act as kind of mothership which controls a little swarm around itself. If i use another AP (for example when i use the hotspot from my cellphone which uses WPA2-Auth), the Tello EDU is connecting to that AP. I believe, that the Tello EDU is not able to connect to the APSync AP because it requieres WPA2 Auth.

Thanks for any help

Setting the “proto” attribute to RSN did the trick.

  • sudo nmcli connection edit [name]
  • goto wifi-sec
  • set roto
  • rsn
  • save
  • quit

“RSN” = WPA(2)
“WPA” = WPA(1)