Changing PPM channels

I would like to remap PPM channels on APM 3.1.5. I know it’s possible to remap ch1-4 but how about ch5-8? I have a orange 615x Rx which puts out 6channels. Chan6 don’t give me auto, auto tune, RTL etc. I would like to remap ch7 to ch6, how can I do that? I I’m not a coder and checked the the radio.pde file but there is nothing to change. anyone can give me directions how or where to find information about that?


I have the same “problem”. I’ve got this from another forum:

[quote]The closest thing I could find for you is this proposed modification to the APM firmware. It is still an open request, but perhaps a future update will include it. Until then, I see three ways you could still use autotune.

  1. Different Radio set: Borrow a friend’s transmitter/receiver setup that has PWM output that you could set channel 7. Once you’ve completed autotune, swap back to your own transmitter.
  2. PPM to PWM decoder: That way you can convert the PPM channel 6 to PWM channel 6, and hardwire it to channel 7 on the APM.
  3. Purchase a transmitter/receiver that can output more channels.

I know it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but I hope it helps…[/quote]
I’ll probably look into the source code and see if I find anything there.
I’ll keep you updated!