Changing loiter radius from the transmitter

Here is a thought for developers. When using the loiter flight mode it is possible to control the loiter altitude with the elevator stick (if FLIGHT_OPTIONS bit 12 and STICK_MIXING is enabled). Would it not also be great if the same settings also allowed loiter diameter to be controlled using either the aileron or rudder stick?

Currently the flight path can be nudged with aileron input, but when released it goes back to the same path as before. I think it could be more useful if the diameter instead would be nudged inwards or outwards. :thinking:

If you want to do this without changing the firmware you can use lua script.

True. Maybe not as above, but a lua that changes radius based on a proportional channel should be doable.

Perhaps you’d prefer circle mode?

EDIT: Sorry, just saw this was for plane and not copter, not sure if circle mode works the same.

Yes, circlemode for plane is completely different from copter (does not even hold position), but I guess my suggestion could be described as making plane loiter more like copter circle.

I will see if I can make it in lua, but I still think this idea makes sense to put in the arduplane code.