Changing head direction

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is there a way to change the head direction of a copter? Use case would be “non standard” configuration (i.e. bi-copter “chinook style” but i want to have the two rotors on sides, not in tandem)

@Steve79 yes, it can be done. It deals mainly with the mechanics of the rotor. With gas engines it becomes more difficult because you will have to add a extra gear to reverse the direction of the main gear because the engine only turns in one direction. With electric motors it is very easy because you can swap any 2 of the 3 wires to the motor and that changes the direction.
There are 2 changes required to the main rotor head. First you will have to remove the 1 way bearing from the main gear and install it in the opposite direction and second you have to change the main blade grip control horn to the other side. Then of course install blades upside down but only if they are symmetric blades. If they are not then you will have to buy special blades for the opposite rotation.

Hopefully that all makes sense. As far as the code is concerned, it doesn’t know any difference because the non rotating side of the swashplate still operates in the same manner to control the aircraft.

sorry, i think there’s a misunderstanding (english is not my mothertongue). I meant i’d like to have freedom to decide whether uav front side is usual front, or backward or sideward left or right. So i can decide to move a bi-copter rotor-wise or sidewise. I hope it can be understood :slight_smile:

I think I understand. Instead of the rotors being one in front of the other, you want them to be beside each other similar to a V-22 but without the ability to tilt. The main rotor shaft would always be pointed up.

The ardupilot dual heli frame allows you to specify whether it has the two rotors tandem style (longitudinal) or side-by-side (transverse).

oh great, this is a big YES :blush:

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