Changing Arducopter parameters in a mission?

Not sure if this belongs here or the Mission Planner section. Maybe both. Are there mission commands that can change Arducopter parameters? For example, I would like to change the CIRCLE_RADIUS and WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR one or more times during a mission.

In the mission command like on the Wiki, it says “The radius of the circle is controlled by the CIRCLE_RADIUS parameter (i.e. cannot be set as part of the mission).” However Mission Planner now has a column for radius in the LOITER_TURNS command. Does the LOITER_TURNS command now support setting the radius itself? That would eliminate the need for the setting circle_radius anyway.

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Very old info and needs to be changed.

To control CIRCLE_RADIUS during a mission, set the parameter to “0”.
There is now a column (3rd) in the LOITER_TURNS command to control the radius in meters - even if you have imperial measurements selected in Mission Planner.
This is in Copter 3.2.1 and above.
If you have any value other than “0” in the CIRCLE_RADIUS parameter, it will be ADDED to the value you choose in LOITER_TURNS.

IE CIRCLE_RADIUS = 20; LOITER_TURNS = 30 total circle RADIUS 50m

The WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR is a fixed parameter and cannot be changed in a mission.
Personally, my best results with this parameter; option 2 -face next waypoint except RTL.

You can play around with the CONDITION_YAW command but it may hurt your head :smiley:
Very confusing setting.

My best results changing YAW is with DO_SET_ROI
In this video, Region Of Interest (ROI) is set to the football stadium press box:

To change the ROI in a mission, just set another.
To stop ROI in a mission, set another ROI with “0” altitude, “0” longitude and “0” lattitude

Thanks! I had a feeling the LOITER_TURNS part of the Wiki was a little old. But I would have never guessed about that CIRCLE_RADIUS + LOITER_TURNS Radius Column. I will make a point of zeroing that out first.

Regarding CONDITION_YAW… I recall the last time I tried to use it, it was a bit maddening. Normally I have set for face along GPS course for more of an FPV style video. But was thinking it would be nice to tell for example “Face West and stay facing west”. Otherwise it will reset at the next WP. But looks like that’s not happening now. ROIs it is, which are much more predictable anyway.

I accidentally found the CIRCLE_RADIUS + LOITER_TURNS Radius Column one day by having 50 in the CIRCLE_RADIUS value and entering 50 for the LOITER_TURNS thinking they were unrelated settings.

Scared the heck out of me thinking it was a fly-away until it stopped and circled.

Oh, and both fields having “0” entered will make the craft perform a 360 in place spin.
Rate of spin controlled by the CIRCLE_RATE parameter in degrees/ second.

Best rate I have seen is 7deg/sec

I hadn’t ever thought of a 0m circle radius to make it spin. That’s really good to know. With that, I can basically command a panoramic shot!