Changed Pixhawk orientation - rotate compass/GPS?

I’ve had my first Pixhawk build flying for a few months now, but for wiring and space reasons, I rotated the Pixhawk in my octo 90° clockwise. I changed the board orientation parameter to reflect the change, but now I’m getting an Inconsistent Compass error.

Should the GPS module also be rotated 90° clockwise?
Should it be left pointed forwards and the compass orientation parameter changed? I can’t quite tell how the board orientation parameter works with the GPS module.

I haven’t recalibrated yet, I wanted to have everything pointed where it should be pointed before I do.

Thanks in advance!

Ok well I recalibrated the accels and compass, and everything seems ok, but I have a quick question:

External compass offsets are X: -85, Y: -11, Z: -71
and compass #2 (internal) offsets are X: -381, Y: -177, Z: -148

Are those much higher numbers on the internal compass because the board has been rotated 90 degrees, or is there something amiss? Do those numbers look ok?


I’m back to getting PreArm:Inconsistent Compasses message :neutral_face: