Change vertical speed for loiter and auto mode?


I’ve been playing around with cheap-build copter and it’s doing ok. AutoTune worked nicely and i can send it to some locations from my laptop. All is well so far.

I’ve however noticed that going down is difficult and quite unstable. I’ve had one half-crash where it tipped and dropped the last meter or so.

I think this simply is because of the downwash and the copter going though that. If i go down in loiter mode slowly, then all is fine.

In auto mode, i have little control over the speed of up and down, and i’m worried it just becomes too unstable when it lands or goes into RTL.

Which setting should i change to reduce the vertical speed of the copter in modes like Auto, Loiter, RTL and Land?

WPNAV_SPEED_DN will control your speed down in auto, and Rtl. I think it should apply to land as well but I rarely use that flight mode.

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