Change input pin assignment (APM2.5)

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully changed any input/output pin assignments.

I’m working on an aquacopter build and as such am quite cramped for space. I was thinking I might be able to mount my RX (Orange 620) directly onto the APM board via a female header similar to the one shown below to save space on wiring. The polarity is correct though the channel/pin layout is slightly different on the rx than what ‘copter’ is expecting.

Is there a central location where input channels are configured? My gut feeling is that it is actually hard coded all through the code base. I’m not familiar with the code though had a bit of a browse through. There doesn’t appear to be anything in APM_Config.h though I do see something related to channels in radio.pde.

Any tips or insights would be much appreciated.

Aaah. I feel a bit silly asking this now.

I just found the channel mapping parameters in APM Planner and figured it out…