Change configuration 3DR via Android

I’m developing an app and one of the goals is that it can change the Net ID of the 3DR receiver that is connected to the smartphone in the app is installed.
I did not find documentation for development where it was informed that the command to be sent.
Has anyone done or know where I can find this documentation.

the 3DR modem and the RFD900 share the same AT commands and parameters… the data sheet which includes same may be found here


Thanks hotelzululima

I managed to access the serial port FTDI.
But I am sending commands via android without success, someone did and could give me an idea of what can be done?

When sending the the red LED flashes more command to change the Net ID is not altered.
I understand that communication occurs the problem should be the command I’m sent.

String commandoAlterarId=“NETID=31 \r\n”;
byte[] commandoByteArrayAlterarId = commandoAlterarId.getBytes();

        	String commandoGravar="AT&W \r\n";
            byte[] commandoByteArrayGravar = commandoGravar.getBytes();                
        	String commandoFinalizar="ATO \r\n";
            byte[] commandoByteArrayFinalizar = commandoFinalizar.getBytes();
            try {
            	sPort.write(commandoByteArrayAlterarId, 5000);
				sPort.write(commandoByteArrayGravar, 5000);
				sPort.write(commandoByteArrayFinalizar, 5000);
			} catch (IOException e) {
				// TODO Auto-generated catch block

You can send the radio config commands using MAVLink which makes it easier. Otherwise you need to put them into command mode first by sending +++

Hi billbonney,

I have found no documentation stating how to change the configuration via MAVLink.
My idea is to use a radio 3DR as a receiver and a radio transmitter 3DR, as initially just want to configure the NET radio receiver ID and know after online know the signal strength.

see!searc … b6MrespgUJ

Can not evolve over MavLink, then I continued the initial idea.
Reading checked some details that had not been identified before.
Now I’m having a return of controls, yet the NET ID is not being changed.
I am sending one of the commands return the print if someone can identify by returning the reason for the change is not being done, help me.

you need to either power the radio on and off or send ATZ to reboot … ommand_set

It was exactly this page I checked the correct senquencia commands.
The last command that is sending the ATZ
The return I imagine that’s coming just because A is already being restarted, or am I wrong?

To verify that the problem was really the reboot changed the transmit power.
And do I change too, by this I checked not need to restart for the change to take effect.

AT5 removed the command and returned all commands sent.
Yet unfortunately the changes were not saved.
The following new print with the returns.