Change Altitude under Action tab


Can I check if changing altitude during auto mission works in copter 4.1, using ‘Change Altitude’ button from mission planner?



No, I’m afraid the change altitude button won’t work in Copter, Rover or Submarine. I’ve created an issue to remove the button from MP’s action tab.


Can I ask why we cannot enable the Change Altitude button in Copter instead of removing it ?

I am sure there are many occasions when it would be useful, hence why people keep asking if it is working or when it will be fixed !!



As far as I know the Change Alt button has never worked for Copter and enabling the button is much easier said than done. For now it is just a button sitting there causing confusion.

Probably the first step to making it work is to raise an enhancement request in the issues list specifying the desired behaviour including which flight modes it should apply to.

Hi @rmackay9,

I see… Thanks for the information. But I wonder if this will work in Plane.


Yes, I think this button does work in Plane so in the MP issue I raised I mentioned that the button should only removed for Copter and Rover (and remain for Plane).

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