CAUV Pixhack v5 & Alzrc Class 420 R/C Helicopter Flighting

CUAV Pixhack v5 has already performed a preliminary test flight on the Alzrc 420 three-bladed version of my 420-level RC helicopter. It performs very well in all aspects. For example, the calibration process, vibration control, and flight stability of each sensor, the actual flight effect is still Quite well, thanks to the developers of ArduPilot, @tridge@rmackay9@ChrisOlson. they have efficiently released the Dev version firmware with great usability.

Youtube Video


Very stable Loiter hover

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That is very good. Did you use any anti-vibration mount for the Pixhack V5 on your test heli? I’ve been quite impressed with the IMU’s in the V5. Even in my gasser it doesn’t require any anti-vibration mounting at all.

Slow motion video - nice effect.

Could you share the logs? I would like to check that sensor data. Do you have high logging frequency on?

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Instead of using shock-proof brackets, use 3M double-sided tape directly on the plastic base plate of Alzrc 420, and use a cable tie to cover the main control and the bottom plate to prevent it from being loosened by vibration.

I see from the log analysis that the built-in shock absorber can control the vibration at AccXY at ±2, which is totally qualified.

thks,GH4 96fps slow motion !

The default Log recording frequency!