Can't set RNGFND_LANDING for Copter

Issue details
Trying to get Lidar Lite V2 to work with a quadcopter running APM 3.5.3 and using Mission Planner 1.3.49 (don’t think this really matters). It is connected via PWM and is not working, just giving me zeros and saying bad LIDAR health. I have researched this and found that on the plane platform, there is a parameter “RNGFND_LANDING” that needs to be set to 1 for this to work. Is there an equivalent for the copter? Has anyone experienced this issue?

APM V3.5.3
Lidar Lite V2
Mission Planner 1.3.49

[ ] All
[ ] AntennaTracker
[x] Copter
[ ] Plane
[ ] Rover
[ ] Submarine

Airframe type

Hardware type