Can't send more than 8 channel to pixhawk!

I have this setting

  • Frsky RC connected to GCS using USB .
  • enable Joystick setting in MP .
  • I can Detect all the 8 channel
  • I want to send more channel from the RC but there is no option in joystick setting.
  • I am not using RC receiver .

my channel is

1- Aleron
2- Elev
3- Thr
4- Raddar
5- Kill switch.
6- Mode
7- Servo
8 - Camera switch.
9- Gimbal tilt
10 - Gimbal Pan
11- Relay switch
12- Relay switch.

How can I fit all these channels using MP joystick setting ?

no Replay :frowning:
still waiting for any suggestion or solution .

You would probably be served better by posting this in the Mission Planner category rather than Plane.

I am not familiar with the Frsky but I know a lot of Tx makers limit the PPM channels out of the Transmitters, normally used for buddy box connections, and JR/Spectrum used to limit it to only 4.
So have you checked to see if that is not where your problem is?

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