Can't perform autopilot setup for RTF X8

Hi there,

I recently bought a RTF X8 and am unable to connect it to the ground station - or to my handheld controller for that matter. Please excuse any noobiness in my questions - although I have limited experience with multicopters through a Crazyflie, the X8 is very different so you can consider me a total newbie!

Following the instructions here my first step was to try to install the firmware. I’m running Linux and built APM Planner from the sources. My current build is from 060bd31dbcd547583baf58e78ba6689422dfa035. After starting APM Planner, I followed the instructions and connected my Pixhawk to the computer via USB, selected “Initial Setup” and “Install Firmware”. I selected the X8 and the firmware was downloaded successfully. However, it was unable to load and I was advised to remove ModemManager. I did so, disconnected the USB and reconnected it, but now the boot loader isn’t found. What can I do now? I can’t find any good instructions on how to reload the boot loader and as it is it looks like my multicopter’s going nowhere! :frowning:

Appreciate the help,

I managed to solve the problem by uploading the bootloader again via DFuse, as detailed =update&s[]=bootloader#upload_via_dfuse]on this page. After that I was able to reflash the firmware and calibrate the sensors. I’ve got to say that that page is pretty hard to find - I think it might be orphaned. In any case, it worked and my copter seems to be doing fine. Hope this helps anyone else who has similar problems.