Can't loitter turn and spray simultaneously


I am trying to figure out how to be able to set up the commands in Mission Planner so that I can turn around a point and have my DO_SET_SERVO(sprayer) command ON WHILE doing the turn. At the moment I only know how to trigger the spraying either before the turn or after the turn. Appreciate any solutions you guys think will work!

Hello @6amarj

Try to decrease the parameter SPRAY_SPEED_MIN, it is the minimum horizontal velocity that will allow to turn sprayer on. During turns probably you are falling below this speed so the sprayer will not be turned on.

thanks! will try it and get back ASAP if it works!

Hi Bruno,

My spraying pump is connected as a servo input so I’m using DO_SET_SERVO to turn on my spraying pump autonomously in Mission Planner. I’ve attached an image of the commands I have in MP at the moment. Any ideas on how to get it to work if I’m using DO_SET_SERVO?

The simplest way to do that is removing all the DO_SET_SERVO commands with PWM 651 of your list.

You are using the Survey Grid tool to generate this flight plans right? In this case simply apply the same PWM values on both Servo HIGH and Servo LOW parameters of the configuration window.

Hi Bruno,

Basically I am trying to circle around a tree and spray around the circumference of the tree while circling it. And then move on to the next tree and repeat. Didn’t use the grid tool. Also I really appreciate you helping man

So this should work.