Can't fly in auto mode, after upgrade problem in calibration of compass I2C RM3100 and CANBUS GPS

After upgrade to 4.0.7 due to parameter reset problems, and having moved the 2 gps to the CANBUS, the copter became unflyable in auto mode and I had to make an emergency landing with final crash because I lost the YAW. The problems started with the difficulty in calibrating the compasses which I believe are the problem, perhaps due to greater interference created by the canbus cables? I use a I2C RM3100 magnetometer, Here2 and Here + .
Can anyone help me figure out what exactly happened?
Cube black, Y6, MN505, Propeller 22"


Recalibrate compass/es

Thanks @Yaros , with 3 compass the calibration didn’t work well so I exclude the compass of the Here+ and the calibration was successfully completed. I waiting for good weather for the test