Can't find ArduCopter camera sensor size or any info

Hi all!
Where I can find the sensor size (width and height) of the drone virtual camera?

Include context on what you are trying to achieve

I’m trying to analyze images that I get from the bottom center camera (number 3), but I need to know the camera sensor size.

Context details

I’m using v1.8.1 - Linux AirSimNH as a virtual environment with Ardupilot ArduCopter.
Here’s my setting.json:
“AllowAPIAlways”: true,
“X”: 0, “Y”: 0, “Z”: 0,
“Pitch”: 0, “Roll”: 0, “Yaw”: 0

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I searched through airsim, unreal engine, and ardupilot projects for any information, but found only setup for cinematicCamera. But I’m not sure that it’s the correct camera used on copter…