Can't calibrate sensors

I am using pixracer board. I uploaded the arducopter firmware in mission planner. I can’t calibrate the sensors.

It showing this error “Check BRD_TYPE: Baro: unable to initialise driver”

How to solve this problem?

You may have flashed the wrong firmware.

      No Sir, I use default firmware as provided in mission planner software. 

      Actually, I tried to customize one of the github repository file "” for pixracer.

      After customization, I upload the firmware using mission planner software.

      In this firmware,I can able to calibrate Accelerometer, radio and esc calibration but I can't calibrate compass calibration.

      So, I decided to use default firmware as provided in mission planner software. Now i got this error“Check BRD_TYPE: Baro: unable to initialise driver”

I don’t know what you customized. Reset to default from the full parameter list menu and load current stable using the “load custom firmware” function after downloading the .apj file:

Ok Sir, I Will try this.

But, I customize the above GitHub link to .apj file based on this video link “”.

Is there anyway to get following extensions(".hex" or “.px4” or “.apj” or “.vrx”) files from any Github repository ardupilot program files?

The link I posted has these files.

Sir, Are you creating .apj file for this github repository file “httpss://”?

No, I’m not creating anything. I simply posted a link to the available current stable version of Arducopter for the PixRacer. For what purpose are you trying to compile the source code?

Ok Sir,

I am in india. Here NPNT compliance must.

This repository is one example for NPNT implementation “

So I need to create anyone of these extension (".hex" or “.px4” or “.apj” or “.vrx”) file.

Is there any procedure available?

Hello sir, Please give an idea

Sorry, can’t help with that.

Ok Sir. Thank you so much for your help