Can't calibrate ESC using mission planner

What I’m working with.
-ArduCopter 4.0.7.
-Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (updated using the latest Emlid Raspbian).
-Connected to a Navio2.
-R-XSR RC receiver.
-FrSKY QX7 transmitter.
-3DR Radio 915MHz telemetry pair module. (How I’m connecting with MissionPlanner).
-(6) iFlight SucceX-E 45A Slick ESC.
-(6) iFlight x4214 motors 400kV.
-(2) 6s 12000mAh LiPo batteries connected in parallel.

I’m using a power module to power the navio2 and that powers the RP4. Also have connected an UBEC to the servo rail of the navio2 for redundant power.

I’ve successfully calibrated the Accelometers, Compasses and Radio. All night I’ve been trying to calibrate ESCs with no success. Only using 5 channels on my QX7, the regular usual 4, on the 5th channel I set it up with some logical switches in OpenTX so I can use a 2 position and a 3 position switch to change between the 6 flight modes.

What I’ve tried so far:
Followed the directions provided in MP
1.Remove Props!
2.Push the calibrate ESCs button
3.Disconnect USB and Battery
4. Plug in battery
5. When LEDs flash, push safety switch if present (I don’t believe the Navio2 has this, couldn’t find any info on it. So I’ve been omitting this step)
6.Wait for ESCs to stop beeping
7. Restart flight controller normally (Have performed this by sending a “reboot pixhawk” command in MP and also by just unplugging the battery.

So I’ve tried that and a few variations of that based on my research trying to find a solution.
I’ve tried putting the throttle to max between steps 3 and 4, have also tried with “Arming_Check” set to zero and also by changing the “ESC Type” to Normal, DShot150, DShot300, DShot600. These ESCs should support up to 600.

Not really sure where to go from here, any help would be appreciated. :wink:

Pics were too big. So here’s my setup:

Set a Dshot protocol and forget about ESC calibration.

Wow was just reading that these ESCs don’t need calibration, didn’t know that thanks. Just tried that. Set the “MOT_PWM_TYPE” to 4 for DShot150, wrote params and rebooted. I get a spin now but only on one motor when I check them in “Motor Test” tab. Also armed the copter and pushed the throttle upwards and I get no spin on any motor just a message that says “Potential Thrust Loss”

Navio2 is not DShot compatible. It will only work in PWM mode.



Set to PWM and try the All At Once method, not thru MP.

Got it working using your directions. There are some glitches when starting it sometimes but no big deal. Sometimes after arming, the ESCs beep and then when I start pulling the throttle up only one motor spins but all I have to do to fix it is to put throttle back to zero the ESCs beep again, pull throttle up again and now all of them spin.