Can't Calibrate Accelerometer on 3.9.1 beta2

Why is it that I can’t calibrate the accelerometer… I can conduct the level with no problem. I’m using 1.3.58 MP. I tried re-installing MP, plugged the battery, unplugged it, also changed the board orientation back to #4 roll 180 like I had it rebooted the PC and nothing.

I’m currently using FC F405-Wing with ChiBios on a Nano Talon and have my board on the bottom. The only setting that can have the HUD/AHRS board orientation correct for movement is #12 pitch 180. Is this correct? My board is up side down and arrow pointing back.

Really appreciate the help with this.


This was merely as result to a corrupted combined parameters from not refreshing, saving, importing and/or exporting.

Refresh them folks…and make sure no others parameters combine with different versions as they cause conflicts.