Cann't switch to automodes even if got 3d lock

Today I was looking forward to do some flights with my quad, but didn’t do a lot - I could not switch to any auto modes (have preset poshold, loiter, RTL, auto) even it got GPS 3D fix. Could please somebody look at the log, whats going on? I tried to find something there, but the errors does not make sense to me.
Another flight log, the same problem

Position estimate is very poor with Sat counts ~5-8. That’s why all those errors say “requires position”. Try letting it sit for awhile before attempting take-off.

Thanks a lot for analysis.
May I ask you, where those messages can be seen? I searched trough log browser with no success.
I thought when green status LED flickers, AC has 3d gps lock, doesn’t it?

There are error messages every time you attempt a mode change to PosHold.

These I didn’t see in MP :slightly_frowning_face:
Is it from GCS?

From APM Planner. …

:hushed:shame on me, such an ignorant…