Cannot trigger camera in plane


I cannot trigger the camera nor detect any feedback pin.
I have already configured RC10_FUNCTION = 10 (camera trigger), alsto tried using 0 and tried other aux channels.

Cable and camera work ok in my copter but not in my plane.
Mission planner says at the bottom of the gimbal setup that I must set the Ch7 Option to Camera Trigger, what does that mean and how do I do it?
There is no CH7_OPT parameter.


Try to switch off your safety switch and then attempt to trigger for your plane. It should work.

For me, i usually toggle my safety switch and then test my trigger during preflight.

And yes, i don’t have to do this in copter.

In ‘Config/Tuning’ -> Planner -> Layout -> Advanced

Extended Tuning -> ch7 option or Full Parameter List/Tree search for ch7 etc.
Maybe you like to set BRD_SAFETY_MASK.

There is no CH7_OPT parameter for fixed wing, that option is only available on 'Copter.

plusmartin, did you get this sorted?

Also note that on new versions of the firmware the channel designation has changed, RC7_FUNCTION is now SERVO7_FUNCTION, etc, etc.

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Hi @Graham_Dyer

yes I did solve the issue.
I configured SERVO11_FUNCTION = 10 (camera trigger) . Im using plane v.3.8.
in the gimbal settings make sure you have selected “servo” and the appropriate limits (1000min, 2000max, 1000 trim in my case)

very important and annoying: press the safety switch.