Cannot get telemetry logs

I’m flying with 3.7.1 and everything works well. I can review dataflash logs, and I also get several telemetry log files after each session.

However. none of the telemetry log files correspond to the actual flight - they are all from bench sessions. Do I have to do something after a flight to save the telemetry log from that flight?



Update: Never mind

I thought the telemetry logs came with the download of the dataflash logs. Back on the bench after a flight session I was downloading the dataflash logs on a desktop - the telemetry logs were not there.

In the field I use a different laptop for flying. I found that the telemetry logs are automatically recorded on that laptop. I have to remember that the telemetry logs will be recorded on the PC used for telemetry during the actual flight.

Problem solved. Thanks,