Cannot get command prompt in CLI

When I connect via the radio or by direct plug in, when I go to CLI to for example download logs, I can’t do squat. It runs line after line of bizarre characters and I never get a prompt where I can type a command…we have tried this on two different computers trying to get the logs for vibration data. We can’t get that far because this continues and nothing seems to make it stop except disconnecting from APM or going to a different screen and coming back. APM 2.5, I cannot download logs to include here. We have a functional system other than that. Windows 8 and Windows Vista were op systems. Both act the same.

You can only start the CLI within 30seconds of a reboot for safety reasons.

Also 3.2 beta release remove the CLI from the standard build to save flash space for 2.5. The commands have MavLink equivalents supported in the planners.

Is it possible to make a connection to the IRIS Pixhawk command line interface via the 3DR wireless link?

I am able to use the terminal/command line interface when plugging the USB into the port on the side of the Pixhawk itself, but is it possible to get the command line interface when connected by 3dr wireless link?

In older documentation it mentions using APM planner terminal and typing 3 returns at the properly configured terminal window (I.e disconnect regular software link, and connect terminal at 56kbaud) to switch. I think this is a legacy instruction as it no longer works. The terminal window simply shows a stream of non-ASCII coming from the IRIS Pixhawk and doesn’t respond to anything typed at the terminal.

Is there any way to break into the CLI via the standard 3dr wireless which linked to the APM Planner software?


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Thanks for the redirect. I was looking through IRIS posts for the stable release. I didn’t realize I should look in beta.

Under this new scheme what is the easiest way to get GPS data from the IRIS streamed live into a session one has control over - is it a python script that is using MAVlink to interrogate the Pixhawk?

I understand one can go back and look at the logs by using APM Planner to make historical comparisons between GPS feeds.

But if I want to directly interrogate the current GPS parameters from the Pixhawk and compare them with a second GPS set of coordinates (which I already reading live into a python script) do you have a recommendation for how to proceed, and which developer resource to access? (scripting the CLI seemed the lowest bar, but if that is not supported in future, I should go a different route)


As Bill wrote, the CLI has 2 caveats. The first is that you can only get into CLI for 30secs after a boot. The second is that the CLI was removed in 3.2 for the APM2.5/2.6 to save some space.
If you need to get into the CLI connect to the AP and reset it - and press 3x enter within 30secs of reboot.

For what you are wanting to do, it might be worth having a look at MAVlink. I wrote a short tutorial some time ago: … n-the-road … AVLink.ino