Cannot disarm plane

I am using arduplane version 4.0.6. Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to disarm the plane.
Arming works fine with the included arm button.
Disarming doesn’t work, no matter which flight mode is selected.
Is disarming on the “bench” pssoible ?
The manual “disarm” message via mission planner also doesn’t work, it is rejected by the FC.

So I think I have figured out whats going on:
By pressing the safety switch, you actually do not arm the plane, but rather completely enable / disable pwm output.
Aka a second layer of safety. Cool feature, but for a beginner it is actually quite confusing.
On my quest on getting servo outputs, I had to learn:

  1. Power via usb does not power the pwm rail
  2. even when powering the pwm rail, if the safety switch is enabled, there also won’t be any pwm output until you press the safety switch
    3)if the plane is not armed, it will only output values to the servo channel(s), not the motor

I am probably going to disable the safety switch pre-check by going to
Standart params -> BRD_SAFETYENABLE

The motor then still won’t spin up unless armed.

So to answer my original question:
1)The safety button does not arm / disarm the fc.
2)It does not disarm because it probably thinks it is still in the air or something.
(aka that’s cool, since you probably don’t want to disarm accidentally in flight :slight_smile: )
But the safety button - not so cool. There should be a warning in the wiki that the safety button does not arm / disarm the plane. Correct me if i’m wrong.