Can we use 2 4in1 ESC in a octacopter?

can we connect 4 motors to each esc???

yes just make sure they have adequate ventilation for cooling so they dont overheat and dont stack them directly on top of each other.

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yes, i used in my prototype coaxial octo, that I later rebuilt into a flat hex. I used diatone mamba 40A boards.

In fact, Matek F405miniTE connection diagram illustrates octo setup.
In terms of cooling - mine are mounted one above another, about half inch clearance between. No overheat problems so far (its my current active flyer, with about 7 flying hours on that frame already)

only thing - it’s a bit of a fluff around mapping correct motor outputs to the FC motor assignments (i.e. Motor A/B/C… in missionplanner).