Can we run digital and Analog Servos together?

Hi all,

Is it possible to run Digital and analog servos together on Kakute F7 V1.5? I would like to run high speed Graupner digital servos at higher refresh rate (around 125Hz) on ailerons and Emax ES08MAII analog servos at normal refresh rate of 50Hz on elevator on my Mini Talon.Please advice.Thanks.

yes, with ONESHOT_MASK in 4.1.0beta4 and later you can do this. The ones in ONESHOT_MASK will run at SCHED_LOOP_RATE


Many thanks Tridge!! I will give it a try.

Success!! It worked but I have a question.I selected servo6 (Aelirons) as a Oneshot mask on my KakuteF7 V1.5 and found now servo6 runs at 200Hz and all other channels are outputting 50Hz. My Sched loop rate is 50Hz but why it’s running at 200Hz?. I wanted to run at 200Hz but just curious.Thanks.

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