Can we control APM 2.8 without telemetry radio

Hey everyone I want to control apm 2.8 without telemetry. is the telemetry even needed? thanks

Without telemetry it will be very hard to understand what is happening.

I assume you are very unexperienced in autopilots and flying, otherwise you wouldn’t be using a seven year old firmware and asking that question.

Telemetry is especially important for unexperinced users

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So if i don’t have telemetry then I won’t be able to see the speed/altitude etc. right? I was thinking of rc radio transmitter and receiver as I read a post stating that a receiver and transmitter is necessary.

Some RC transmitters can also receive telemetry data (speed, altitude, battery voltage, flight mode, etc) but the APM2.8 is not able to interface with them.

My advice is that you should replace APM2.8 with something else. Some of the boards on that list are cheaper, many of them are smaller, all of them are more powerful.

None are available in India check my other post

None of the over 80 boards are available??? Are you sure?

Only Holybro Pixhawk which is way out of my budget 430 dollars

The second list I sent you is more up-to-date and has more boards. Did you checked that list?

no wait lemme see thanks found matek boards

heck nothing good in budget

So I checked and found that Bluetooth telemetry is a thing and I already have hc 05 module