Can we connect a camera in telemetry port of the Cube Orange and see the video on Mission Planner?

To start with, I’m just a beginner so please forgive me if this is a lame question.
I want to connect the drone’s camera to one of the telem ports of the pixhawk cube orange and I want to know if it will work.
If yes, please tell me how to see the video feed in the mission planner.

No, the telemetry ports are UART ports that cannot (generally) support the bandwidth to stream video. Further your telemetry link itself is almost certainly far too slow to support video even if you could encode it over the telemetry ports.

Pretty much every video solution is not going to involve the flight controller directly. In a typical set up you would connect the camera directly to your air side transmitter/receiver which would be designed to specifically support it.

If you want to figure out what the easiest way for you to get a video stream going give us more information on what equipment you have and maybe someone can suggest a direction to look in.

I’m currently using skydroid t12r camera with a skydroid module and its transmitter. It streams the video of the camera to the Skydroid FPV app. There are a lot of bugs in that app and the app crashes a lot of times. That’s why I want to see the video feed through mission planner itself by connecting the skydroid t12r camera to the pixhawk cube orange.

You would be better suited trying to get Qgroundcontrol working on the skydroid handheld (they use it on the H16 anyways) although I recall some people mentioning there may be a road block.

Are you connecting your computer with mission planner to the handheld unit through Wi-Fi?

If you’re doing that you already can probably open the video stream on your computer if you just find out what the IP of the rtsp stream is (probably in the manual).

At any rate you already have a high bandwidth video transmitter, going through the cube in any way would be wasted even if it could work.