Can we change Q_tilt_mask with an aux switch?

Guys I want to change Q_tilt_mask with a aux switch so that I have a control on motors to tilt in forward flight mode with aux switch

This is not currently possible in the main code, but you could do it with scripting.

How can I do,can you elaborate I am new to script.

The wiki page on scripting,

This is a example of changing params with sctipting,

This is a example of reading in rc inputs,

Should be quite easy to combine to change param values on a switch input.

Thanks for the info peter .problem is I don’t know it possible for you to right ,I think it will not take mutch time if coding is know

If aux switch in put is low (ppm less than 1200)q_tilt_mask should be 8,if switch is at middle (ppm 1400-1600) q_tilt_mask should be 3 and at high (ppm great than 1800) q_tilt_mask should be 11.