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Can the ship reverse in manual mode?


(chenjiawei) #1

I am driving my boat with ardurover 3.4.2. My boat uses two left and right motor differential controls, set according to the settings on the website. My motor drive stops at 1500 duty cycle. When it is greater than 1500, the ship can run forward and reversing when it is less than 1500. But in manual mode, the autopilot can only output signals greater than 1500. Why?

(rmackay9) #2


It should be able to go in reverse. I suspect that the RC3_TRIM needs to be changed to 1500 but it’s a guess. maybe include a dataflash log file?

(chenjiawei) #3

I saw the servo output in the mission planner that the pwm value is always above 1500, but in fact the manual mode does not reverse my motor, so I want to know why, and how to make my boat Reverse in manual mode, I now know that in automatic mode can not reverse, thank you. . .

(rmackay9) #4


My boats can reverse in manual mode. I suspect it’s an issue with the ESCs being used. As mentioned above, if you provide a dataflash log I can better check if it is an ArduPilot configuration issue.

(chenjiawei) #5 (511.4 KB)
Thanks, this is my log file, I am using pxfmini, I set the parameter FRAME_CLASS to 2, set SERVO1_FUNCTION to 73, SERVO3_FUNCTION to 74, but I did not set the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter, I do not specifically understand this parameter.

(chenjiawei) #6

It seems that I set the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter to 1, and set the remote control mix, my ship can reverse. . . Are you setting this up too? Can you share your parameter list? Thank you very much, la la:blush:

(B A Kanchuka) #7

Does the autopilot support reverse in auto mode? Say the boat is slowly drifting forward when holding the GPS position and then will the boat reverse a little bit to maintain the position? how will the autopilot work here in this kind of a situation?

(ahmet omer ozgen) #8

I had a similar issue. It was all related with a faulty radio calibration. After re binding the rc rec/trans. Issues were solved.

(David Boulanger) #9

Yes the boat will reverse to hold position in loiter