Can the Pixhawk be armed on the bench?

I cant get the Pixhawk to arm, even though it says its read, (big green light flashing, all tests & calibrations passed, 3DR radio attached). The only thing I have not done is fit any ESC/motors as the Pixhawk is sitting on my desk powered from a bench PSU connected to a 3DR power module.

Yours Simon M

You should be able to arm, as long as all the Preflight checks are valid. ie. GPS lock, Radio Calibrated etc…

Which GCS are you using? If you are using Mission Planner the HUD should show a message why is doesn’t ARM, or if using APM Planner 2, you can look at the messages tab in the Info View (bottom right on the Flight Data View) There will me messages on the status of the APM, it will have a PreArm messages describing what’s wrong.

see … art-guide/

Many thanks for that
the only message I get in is in APM Planner and it is

Having gone through the setup and calibration yet again, I get the same. I’m using a Hitec Aurora 9 with a PPM converter. I thought that if I could pass the RC test then I should be able to arm OK.

Yours Simon M.

Finally got it to arm.

The solution was to remove the I2C breakout board. So possible its a duff lead?

Yours Simon M.