Can`t set up flight mode!

Apm ignores changes on channel 5, although they are displayed on the “radio calibration” tab.

What firmware version?

firmware verson is stable-3.6.8

Why does it says V3.2.1 in the screen shot? Which Flight Controller is it? If it’s an actual APM it can’t run past 3.2.1 anyway.

And please do not use 3.6.8, update to 3.6.12 as soon as possible.

Thanks, it’s too high version of Mission Planner

I can`t find 3.6.12 firmware for amp

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APM boards only support 3.2.1
Get a new board. Are you using plane? in that FW the flight mode uses channel 8.

This is my first quadrocopter. New board? You mean pixhawk?

Any board that supports the latest revision of Arducopter. There are many:

I had the same problem and I mixed channels 5 and 6 on my FlySky i6 to fix this issue. I can get Stabilize, Alt Hold and LTR to work on my APM 2.8