Can´t install x6 fimware

Hello all,

I have rebuild my X4 to an X6, and I want to install the firmware for that.
When I install the firmware it stops halfway reading the hex file.
It says (Communication Error - no connection). What do I do wrong?

What processor are you using? APM or Pixhawk?

APM 2,5

I think you mean Y6 don’t you? Has the board been involved in a crash?? Does it behave normally in mission planner when connected as an X4??

Is this an Y6?

It has not been involved in a crash.
When connected as an X4 it works perfect.

Hi lasercut,

That is a hexa, not a Y6.

maybe you can donwload the hex file and install it using the load custom firmware option in mission planner, initial setup, install firmware.