Can Pixhawk2 support wifi telemetry?

I buy wifi telemetry from this

which can connect to mission planner with APM2.6 But my Pixhawk2 can’t connect (UDP, 57600 Baud, Port: 14550) .

1.Can Pixhawk2 be compatible with wifi telemetry , if you say yes can I fixed it?
2.Where I can buy wifi telemetry which support for Pixhawk2?

Thank you

You may need to force mavlink v1 in the serial port params

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Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:
Ofcourse,I set the following parameter already.But I can’t connect to mission planner via wifi telemetry.
SERIAL2_BAUD = 57600

Try different values here. Try 921600 then 115200

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Thank you sir.
I’ve done that already but could not connect.

Do you have an Edison in your ph2.1? If so, it’s hardwired to telem 2 iirc.
Try telem1 or another serial port.

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No,I haven’t sir.
Thank you for your response.

To step through this, you’ve connected the module to telem2, set to mavlink1, 57600 baud.
You’ve connected to the wifi AP it generates, then selected udp port 14500 in missionplanner.
Is that correct?

Can you try it on telem 1? Telem 1 provides more 5V than telem 2.

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Oh!!! I can connected on telem1.
Thank you for your help.

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Glad you got it working!

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