Can not read data from 3DR Radio


I have two Piksi modules and two 3DR radios to go with them in my setup. I want to be able to read data (in NMEA format) being sent from one 3DR attached to one Piksi to a standalone 3DR connected to a PC or Linux computer.

I downloaded Mission Planner and I set the baud rate to 57 and the air rate to 64 but I can not seem to read the data being received on the standalone 3DR. I have cycled through all the baud rates I could think of (57600 and divided or multiplied by 2) and the ones that were listed for air rate just in case.

Note that I set the 3DR radio to send NMEA data at 64000 baud since my air rate is at 64kbps.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong here??

Turned out that the baud rate on the Piksi needed to be 57600 (UART rate) and the 3DR needed to be sending
’RawData’ instead of the ‘MavLink’ setting.

Works now.