Can I use drone motors (and esc) for Rover?

I am using a flywoo f745 GOKU which has a built-in 4 in 1 ESC (up to 45 amps each).
I want to make a rover from it by using the built in ESC to the motor. I do not want to use the servo out to a separate motor controller. is this possible?

If it’s a brushless motor you can. Brushed motors are more common with Rovers as brushless usually require some tall gears.

How do I go about doing this in ardupilot? can I set them to go forward or reverse?

Ah, that’s a good question. No, you will have to make that change in BLHelisuite assuming bi-directional is supported. Not to be confused with bi-directional Dshot. I’m not sure BLHeli_S supports that.