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Can I use a clone pixhawk instead of 3DR pixhawk for 4G telemetry?

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Good day, better you look for an alternative… radiolink boards have many issues…, i can suggest you the mRo x2.1 red board or the x2.1 777…, both are the reduced version of the pixhawk but with more updated sensors…, fully customizable…

Is this the correct price for that RadioLink Pixhawk from that source?


Thank you so much. So I searched for these two and they weren’t available in my country neither -_- please tell me some other alternatives too that I can run Ardupilot frimware on them and I can connect them to raspberry pi for 4G telemetry so I will search for them and hopefully will find one available here. I think it doesn’t matter what exactly the board is right? I mean as long as it runs Ardupilot and uses Mavlink, I can have 4G telemetry using raspberry pi right?

Yes, it is. Unfortunately. My dad bought his car with double this price about 10 years ago!

I think the price for that flight controller its too high…but its up to you the way you want follow.
Just consider that ardupilot firmware is under heavy development and soon you will need more powerful MCU

Thank you for your advice.
My main goal is to have unlimited telemetry over internet and plan long distances waypoint missions and watch fpv online. I found some solutions: first was Navio2, which costs me the same as pixhwak + raspberry pi but that’s not as stable, second was what I’m asking for now, Ardupilot frimware on a good hardware + raspberry pi. Third is Andruav android app which is used to do 4G telemetry for Ardupilot and Multiwii(Arduino based flight controller). For Andruav I need one cell phone to put on my plane. Multiwii is way cheaper than pixhwak it only costs an Arduino nano and a few sensors with a GPS module but the problem is Andruav now only Supports Mavlink, and Multiwii flight controller doesn’t officially use Mavlink, I saw an article about using multiwii with Mavlink but I’m not sure it will work, and if it works I’m not sure if I can plan missions with multiwii.
If you have any other alternative options than these 3 the I’ve found I will be happy to know them. And/Or if you can answer my questions about multiwii.

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Unlimited telemetry will never exist… after a certain range you will loose the connection.
Old apm will not support ardupilot firmware due the limitations of the hardware.

By unlimited telemetry I mean 4G telemetry. So you can have control over your drone as far as there’s a 4G connection.

That’s a ridiculous amount to pay for a sub-par Pixhawk. 4,000,000 IRR, the equivalent of what they cost here, would be too much. Are Matek Systems or Holybro products available there? Perhaps an F7 based board could be found as they are popular with FPV flyer’s but are perfectly fine for other purposes.

Can you buy from China?

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You have to try considering different situations…

Thank you so much for your help.
Not holybro, but I found some Matek F7 boards which were available before but not now, but I guess I can ask them to order one for me the next time they are ordering from china. And I found DYS - F4-PRO
board available, but not sure if works in my case. And I was wondering if I can use an APM 2.8 board with an older Ardupilot frimware on it, will this still work fine too or I shouldn’t really think about APM boards at all?

I don’t think the DYS F4 Pro will work, it doesn’t have a barometer from what I can tell. If you do find a Matek F7 board it cannot be an F722 based board. There are some F4 boards that will work also if they are F405 based.

APM 2.8’s are very old and no longer supported. You will have a very difficult time getting any assistance with these as not many people that are willing to help are flying them. What you are trying to do with a companion computer and 4G control is not suitable for such an old board.

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Thank you so much for your time and help.
Well I think I have 2 choices. One is ordering Matek Systems F765-WING from banggood (through a local website) which costs me finally about 74 dollars. And second option is to order RadioLink mini PIX with a GPS module from a local store which costs me 90 dollars. So what do you think I’d better to do?

The F765-Wing is a much better option. If you want to know why any product from Radiolink is a bad choice read this:

Well I will definitely buy F765-wing. Thank you so much for taking the time to guide me. If you hadn’t helped me, I would spend much more money and buy something which isn’t much suitable for my purpose. Actually I even didn’t know that I can use other hardwares than pixhwak or APM to run Ardupilot!

Could you please help me with choosing a good GPS module?
I could find these modules:
GY-GPS6MV2 (4 or 5 dollars)
UBLOX NEO-7M GPS + compass (17 dollars)

Both of those are old tech. You want one with an M8N. If you simply can’t find one the 7M would be the next best choice.

Thank you so much. Now I searched and could find a M8N but it costs 3times the 7M price. As I’m going to build an airplane not a quadcopter (so I don’t need so much accuracy I think) is it okay to buy 7M and save some money?

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