Can I make the controller the same way as dji?

It has been a long time since the DL telemetry question.
I have activated the DL’s telemtry function with your help. Thank you very much.

The question I want to give you today is the zero point of the controller.

The controller of dji is 0 in the middle.
When i raise the throttle from the middle, the drone keeps rising.
When i release your hand, the controller returns to the center and the drone stops.

If i lower the controller in the middle, the drone will lower the altitude.
And when i release your hand, it stops again.

I use Futaba 14sg controller.

dji 0 is the center of the throttle.

0 of 14sg is zero of the throttle.

I think this can be solved with pixhawk’s parameters.

But I do not know what parameters to handle.

On MP, I tried searching for throttle by keyword, but I did not see any of these parameters.

Have you ever tried to solve these problems or have you been worried?

Or this feature actually exists, but is it dangerous to apply something to a helicopter that I do not know?

The altitude controlled modes like Alt Hold behave like that

Is it impossible in stabilize mode?

Think of Alt Hold like a Stabilize with the throttle like you want

Here are the reasons I gave you this question:

My helicopter can not arm in modes other than stabilize mode.

Does not arming in alt hold mode

If I use alt hold mode, I need to change to alt hold mode after spooling up after arming in stabilize mode.

This does not work in 3.6. I removed the requirement for the collective to be at the bottom of the travel in 3.7, since professional pilots like to arm and run up at zero pitch. And zero pitch is not sometimes at the bottom of the collective travel.

So it will work in the next version of the firmware.

Hello Chris.

I could not confirm the answer because I was concentrating on this work for a few days.

Your answer gives me hope