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Can Frsky R9m completely replace telemetry module

(Ivan Kolev) #1

As far as FrSky module has RS232 ports Rx and Tx on the back, and R9 Slim receiver also have Rx and Tx pins, can it completely replace the telemetry module.
It will need TTL to RS232 conversion of course but is not problem.
It should be full duplex (not half like s.port).
Has anyome tested it ?
If it can what is the speed ?

(Fabien Gagné) #2

Ivan, I’m interested in this as well. Have you found an answer?

(Anthony Short) #3

I suspect it would be too slow. FrSky sells a Smart Port to UART Converter which appears to have a maximum speed of 9600 baud. They also have this document on their website, which again indicates very low speeds.

(Fabien Gagné) #4

The R9M has a port labeled RS232 on the back. It makes me wish I could use it as a downlink to my laptop.

Similarly, the 900Mhz.Crossfire have a telemetry downlink. I don’t know what is the following device but it claims 400kbaud.