Can calibrate Turnigy 9 radio without Ardu mod?

Hi to all, I am a newbie with APM. Have built a tricopter with KK2 board but now want to build an Ardu tri.
Have ordered all parts waiting for arrival so I can start. However I was wanting to know if I am able to calibrate my Turnigy 9 radio alone without the Ardu flight board or does it need to see it?

The reason I ask is when I connect only the radio I don’t have an option for radio calibration.

On left hand side only have the planner to view?


When in doubt, read the manual:

What exactly do you mean by radio calibration? I don’t really understand what you are asking here. When you connect to what?

Hi Rob, what I mean is, when I connect my radio via usb to ardu planner without any ardu flight controller am I able to configure the radio just with the software, e.g. setting the stick parameters? But I’m guessing I can’t.

No, you can’t do that.