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Hi Everyone,
I’m planing to fly my Iris+ at Asia country Myanmar at the elevation of 6000’ above sea level, and some city is about 5000’ above sea level. Is possible to take off at that altitude. There is not too much air traffic like US and is remote area. No plane pass by. The scenery if beautiful. Will Iris+ fly at sea level. I will stand at 6000’ above sea level and so the Iris+ is going to launch at 6000’.
Please let me know it will work or not and advice for precaution.

Here is a video from 5’300’ in Littlton Colorodo.

I doubt it will be a problem.


Due to where I live my IRIS+ hasnt been below 8000’ yet and I have hiked up and taken off from altitudes around 10,000’ without incident.

At 6000’ you still have some good dense air to work with.

Happy flying!


Thank You all