Can A Pixhawk Be Powered Off A QAV500 V2 PDB Board

I was wondering if I add a 5V regulator to a QAV500 V2 PBD, can I power a Pixhawk from that? I was considering this because I’m planning on running a 6s battery. Otherwise, has anyone used a premade power module with an AttoPilot or Cirius board? Thanks.

Sure. For some time after I stopped using the stock power module, I used an Attopilot 180 which required a 5v BEC to power the PX. It worked just fine.

I recently changed to this - … ge_o01_s00

It can accept up to 7S and instead of having to solder points on the Attopilot and a new cable, it comes with one alread. However, as I found out after getting, the plugin to the PX4 will need some ‘pruning’ to fit as they have a little extra surface to them that makes them impossible to plug in without shaving some of the sides of the plug off with an X-Acto knife.

Keep in mind though that whatever you choose, you may be giving up the ability to monitor current and voltage sensing. Both of my alternatives don’t (however on the attopilot you have to make sure to solder the correct wires for the connector to get sensing).

I was looking at either the AttoPilot or Crius module route. If I go AttoPilot, I’ll some sort of BEC. I figured if I configure the PDB on the QAV500 with a 5v regulator (in addition to the supplied 12v reg), then I can grab power for the Pixhawk from the PDB. I’m reticent about using anything that isn’t from 3DR; the Crius module route. In a response to my question about a 6s compatible power module, 3DR said they do not have plans to make one. I would like to get this right out of the gate. I’d hate to see a $2k quad fall out of the sky. Thanks!