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Cameras and camera settings for aerial photography

(Matthew ) #1

It seems as though a lot of people spend plenty of time optimizing platforms and not the camera settings. I guess this might not be the place for this discussion, and if moderators decided to delete it so be it. I just wanted to start a discussion about what cameras folks are using and what settings have they used to get optimal photo quality when using UAV’s for aerial mapping. We have used a slew of cameras from A6000, QX1, A7R iii, micasense rededge.

I have struggled getting settings right on the QX1 A7R iii, and the A6000 as there are so many settings to set and I lack quite a bit of knowledge about camera’s, hence asking the community to help each other out.

Normally we focus to infinity on all of our cameras as to get the best depth, but have noticed that sometimes these are not correct. What I would like to hash out would be some sort of optimal settings for cloudy (overcast) conditions, and also settings for sunny conditions.

The micasense is pretty much point and shoot and provides good imagery, but this is also because you have no settings to set and these have been optimized for aerial photos.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #2

I remember seeing some tutorials on the pix4d site.

(Matthew ) #3

can you post a link to this info.?

(Hadits Baroya) #4

Following this thread, as my main job is doing aerial mapping too.

Currently, i’m using Sony A5100 and RX0 for normal flight applications.
and using sony a6000 for RTK/PPK Flight.

Set the focus to infinity and set the shutter speed to 1/1600 works well for me, at least in Indonesia.

(Anthony) #5

It all depends on the altitude and speed you are flying. We are using a Sony A5100 at 200 meter altitude with 75km/h and 28 mm lens. For this we use 1/2500 shutter speed, auto fucus and auto iso. Works like a charm.

Before we used the same camera, at 300 meter, 75 km/h and 16mm lens. That required 1/1600 shutter speed, auto focus and auto iso as well.

(Matthew ) #6

Very interesting to see that some shoot auto focus and others focus to infinity. I was always under the impression that you wanted to focus to infinity for aerial mapping photos as to get the best depth of field. What sorts of environments are you all mapping? I have mainly been mapping heavy forested environments which is difficult given that it all looks the same from photo to photo. I have found that mapping urban environments is quite a bit easier because there is structures with good geometry for use as tie points.